Privacy Policy

For us, the Privacy policy of a user means a lot to us. Below am adding detail description of privacy policy related to the security of users.

Information That We May Collect From You

We collect information such as email addresses, a name so that we could send you monthly newsletter i.e the product launch updates, new post etc.

We also appreciate if you give feedback regarding the articles posted on our website.

Is Your Information is Valuable to Us

Yes Its valuable because

  • Improvisation on our website when we receive feedback from you.
  • Individual’s personalization so that needs can be fulfilled selectively
  • to make a user-friendly support network for our users.
  • to send monthly emails on various offers, coupons, and product updates.

How we Secure Our Users Information

On our major sites, we use SSL Certificates to secure the user information which is hosted on a powerful hosting provider. for getting that information we had to go through several security checks.

We also update the website on a regular basis so that everything must be updated and secured.